FC Basel Women's Team
FC Basel Women's Team

BASEL: Protests are rife over the Women FC of Swiss Football not getting invited to club’s anniversary gala. The team’s female wing was seen selling tombola tickets to guests while men were feasting on three course meal. When women finished selling tickets, they were given sandwiches to eat in a different room.

However, the spokesperson of the club offered another explanation for the disparity. He said that the women had offered to “help” since the money raised through the event would fund their team as well. When approached, the women’s team declined any comments.

Twitterati could not take the discrimination. They called it “shocking” and “outrageous”.
Others pointed out it as major evidence of gender inequality in sports. The FC Basel declined all allegations. The club clarified that the women were denied invitation so that the public will have more tickets.

The team’s spokesperson said, “No departments except for our first team, the board and the management of the club-were invited for the night”. “Since it was our 125th anniversary it was clear, that our first team would take a part in it, vicarious for all the previous teams who wrote our history since the founding in 1893. There will be another big anniversary event exclusively for all our teams and employee next year”.