Wife Puts up “Used Husband” Sale on eBay.

Fed-up wife lists her husband of seven years on eBay
Fed-up wife lists her husband of seven years on eBay

A woman has come up with an innovative way to get rid of her husband. She put her husband on eBay and is ready to sell her husband off to the highest bidder.

The woman lives in Hamburg and is only identifiable by her pseudonym Dorte L. She has put her husband in the auction site over the festive season. The price of husband starts from Euro 18. The woman clarified that number 18 is her lucky number.

Dorte,40, claimed that despite being married for 7 seven years, she is tired of her husband’s negative ways. She claims that, “They just don’t belong together anymore”.

Her ad read, “Dear women who may be interested. Over the first 2 days of Christmas I have realised that we simply do not belong together anymore. I would like to give up my husband. I am happy to negotiate the price. But no exchange. Please send me inquiries over email”.

The women later clarified that the whole thing was a joke. The ad photo consisted of the couple posing over a Christmas tree. Though the ad had many responses, there were no concrete offers. She said, “The advert was very well received. I got a lot of positive feedback and someone sent me a lot of smiley emoticons. I did not want to make a dream out of it all. It was just for some amusement”.

Meanwhile, her husband remained oblivious of the whole affair.