Why Mom Pours Ketchup On Daughter’s Hair Before School

Why Mom Pours Ketchup On Daughter’s Hair Before School
Why Mom Pours Ketchup On Daughter’s Hair Before School

LONDON: One mom does an unusual thing before her daughter returns to school. Popular parenting blogger Jess Roberts revealed that she pours ketchup all over her daughter’s hair. She even shared a pic of her doing the same on her daughter’s hair.


She captioned the pic in Instagram, “This is how every blonde finishes their summer holidays when growing up! nothing like good old trusty sauce to strip the green out”. Jess does this hack to keep nasty green tinge on her daughter’s blonde hair. The green tinge comes as a result of chlorine in swimming pools.


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Many people thanked Jess for her valuable hack. Many of them were astonished after knowing the ketchup hack. Jess has over 27,000 followers on Instagram. Many of the followers commented differently for her post.

‘I didn’t realize that was a thing!! You learn something new every day’ one said.

Another commented: ‘Never heard of this! That’s such a great trick.’

One woman wrote: Seriously never knew this! Wow! Suffered the green growing up!

And another posted: This is the best idea ever. I was that kid that went to school with green hair lol so embarrassing.