These Signs Show That Your Partner Cannot Be Trusted!

These Signs Show That Your Partner Cannot Be Trusted!
These Signs Show That Your Partner Cannot Be Trusted!

When two people are in love, the basis is trust and understanding. During the initial phase, the couple takes time to know each other better- the favourites, likes and dislikes etc. It is said to have a good and a strong relationship, one should not hide anything or cheat their partner.

While you are serious about the relationship, here are the signs that you can look for and understand if your partner can be trusted or not.

Check these:


If your partner is with you but just present for the sake of it. He/She spends time on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Insta etc. then you should definitely look into it. Along with this, you don’t receive these many messages from your partner when he/she is away from you. so there is definitely something cooking.


Your partner doesn’t answer phone calls in front of you or even if he/she picks up just goes away to talk then there is something fishy. If he/she comes back and updates, then it can be definitely considered but if this happens often and doesn’t bother you to even update, then it’s time for you to observe more minutely.


Though your partner says he/she loves you but keeps finding excuses to be away from you and indirectly tries to avoid you then you should look in detail why does he/she do the same.


Does your partner see your messages but doesn’t reply then there is something wrong        with the relationship. But if such thing has happened one odd time, it shouldn’t be much      of a concern but if this happens often, then it’s time to introspect your relationship.


Your partner gives you gift but it is often goofed up? Then, there is definitely something wrong. One odd goof up be it first meeting anniversary, birthday etc. is fine but such things happening often is a red signal for the relationship.

Well these are some of our thoughts the signs that you should look for your partner and only then trust him/her. But if you have some other observations too, kindly share with us! We are waiting to hear from you.