Sleep Position, The Cue To The Relationship Of Couples?

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship
What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship

Did you know that your sleep position can reveal a lot about your relationship with a partner?  According to Corrine Sweet, relationship psychologist, sleep position shows the secureness and connection of a couple’s relationship.

We have gathered up an analysis of Ms. Sweet’s findings regarding sleep positions. Read on to find more:

Most movies depict couples sleeping with their backs on after heated arguments. According to the findings of a new study, this sleep position is the most common among couples. The reason?  It’s practical.

1. If you love to spoon

Couples love this classic position. Around 18 percent of the couples spooned when they slept. It demonstrates a dynamic relationship where one partner is protective over the other half. It is both a vulnerable and sexual position. The position echoes, “I Love You”. But beware that your spoon position never turns to a chase.

2. You sleep back to back but touching

You do not need big gestures to show love. Simple sleep gestures such as butts touching itself show the extent of love in relationships. Sweet says, in such a position, “Both partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another—this is often common in new relationships“.

3. You sleep intertwined first then move apart

Couples of this position start the night intertwined in each other’s night. However, they move apart after 10 minutes. Sweet says, “It’s a compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds”.

4. One dominator of the bed

If you wake up in the middle of night, cowering for space while other half has occupied major part of bed, there is a serious struggle play. Sweet says, “One partner dominates the space, while the other takes a secondary role”.

5. Lady stashes her head on partner’s chest

This is the common position during honeymoon phases.  According to Sweet, “This sweet sleep position is common in new relationships and even rekindled relationships”.

6. Sleeps entire night intertwined

No, this is not a good sign for relationships. It is more common in clingy types. If you spend whole night intertwined with partner it shows that you both lack independence in the relationship.

7. You face each other but no touching


This sleep position shows an emotionally demanding relationship. Sweet says, “This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication”.

Even in your sleep you both are begging for more intimacy.