Restaurant turns delivery room after woman’s water breaks

Woman Gives Birth To Baby At McDonald's.
Woman Gives Birth To Baby At McDonald's. "Lovin' It," Says The Internet

Local police helped a woman who felt the pangs of delivery pain while she was at a McDonald’s outlet in the city. The woman successfully delivered a baby boy.

There was not enough time to transfer the woman to a labor ward and the restaurant turned into a makeshift labor ward. The City of Madera Police Department shared the good news on their Facebook page holding the Baby, “It’s not every day you get to help deliver a newborn baby at McDonald’s”.

There was no time to transport the mother as the baby was being delivered. The great paramedics delivered a healthy baby boy. The mother and the baby were transported to the hospital and they are both doing well,” adds the post.

The post has gone viral and has been shared over 800 times already. The police’s efforts have been met with widespread appreciation. The paramedics and officers were also congratulated and Netizens also applauded the mother’s bravery.