LPG Hiked For First Time In This Year

LPG Hiked For First Time In A Year
LPG Hiked For First Time In A Year

LPG rates have been hiked for the first time in the year. As per the recent hike, subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinders are available for Rs. 495.61 per cylinder (14.2 kilograms) and Rs. 701.50 per cylinder respectively.

In the previous month, in the state of Mumbai, LPG prices were revised to Rs. 493.32 per cylinder and Rs. 673.50 per cylinder this month, as against Rs. 491.19 per cylinder and Rs. 630.00 per cylinder. From December to February, a downward reduction was observed in the price of non-subsidized cylinder by a huge amount of Rs. 283.5 per cylinder in Delhi.
The price of LPG is reviewed on the basis of international crude oil rate and foreign exchange rate.