Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery

MUNICH: Winger Franck Ribery admits of involvement of an altercation with a journalist. He says the altercation came following defeat by Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund won 3-4 maintaining their lead in Bundesliga. The blame for two goals was put on Ribery and the winger took offence at this comment.

The club told in a statement, “Franck Ribery has informed us that he had an altercation with his competitor Patrick Guillou, whom he has known well for many years. We agreed with Patrick Guillou that we could speak at a meeting about how to get this matter out of the way”, added the Club.

Dortmund coach Lucien Favre commented, “It was a crazy game. Bayern was very strong, they dominated us for twenty-five minutes. We could not master the control of the ball-it was like a boomerang. Bayern was strong as maybe never before this season, but I had the feeling that they would not be able to keep pace. After Reus’ goal, the crowd was there and we felt that we could win. The morale of the players was fantastic”.

The defeat is set to seal the career of Bayern boss, Niko Kovac. Kovac though remains pessimistic, “We saw a fantastic football match from both sides. In the first half we had the game in hand, then in second half, Dortmund did. Unfortunately, we lost the game, even though it could have been a draw”. You can be satisfied with the performance. That was the best game since Schalke –skillful, combative and tactical especially in the first half. We will have to build on that and deliver more games in the future”, he added.