FB asking users to disclose passwords, know why?

Facebook Asking Users For Their Email Passwords: Report
Facebook Asking Users For Their Email Passwords: Report

Social networking platform Facebook is reportedly asking its users to disclose passwords of their personal accounts if they wish to access the platform. It is also reported that a message is flashing on FB users log in screen that asks them to enter the password of the email id they connect their Facebook account in.

The message reads, “To continue using Facebook, you’ll need to confirm your email.”

Facebook’s statement said that users retain the option to bypass the password demand and activate their account through other means such as code to phone or link sent to email.

“We understand the password verification option isn’t the best way to go about this, so we are going to stop offering it,” a report stated.

There is no clear update about the number of users asked to disclose the password. This was noticed by cyber security watcher called ‘e-sushi’.

It is also reported that Facebook has admitted to store around200-600 million user passwords in plain text.