Earthquake in Northern Japan
Earthquake in Northern Japan

TOKYO: A strong earthquake has hit Fukushima in Japan. Authorities has expressed concern since the area is deemed nuclear disaster zone. The earthquake was measured 5.0 on Richter scale. However, no damage has been caused by the tremor. No warning for tsunami is also issued so far.

The residents were struck with fear when the tremor hit. They immediately recalled the 2011 earthquake which caused 15 m high tsunami waves. The tsunami further devastated Fukushima by causing a nuclear accident. The tidal waves disabled the power supply of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors on March 11.

The natural disaster caused the displacement of about 100,000 people. Some spots are still inaccessible and inhabitable due to high levels of radiation. Earlier in September this year, Japan also was hit by another tremor that claimed two lives and injured around 120 people. Seismologists had long predicted the chance of another tremor in the city.

The September earthquake had caused landslides in the town of Atsuma in southern Hokkaido. It cut power as well, submerging the island in darkness. September also marked 95th anniversary of Great Kanto earthquake The massive earthquake, ever to strike in japan had claimed the lives of over 140,000 people.